Researchers Encouraged by BC Privacy Commissioner’s Investigation Report

For Immediate Release November 15, 2012 Researchers Encouraged by BC Privacy Commissioner’s Investigation Report The three researchers whose report prompted the BC Privacy Commissioner’s investigation into Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) are very encouraged by the findings of Elizabeth Denham's report, released today. Since 2006, the RCMP and a growing number of BC police forces

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Let Me Tell You Why

Someone blows up a bus or a building or a bunch of people, and then everywhere, every time, a universal, almost archetypal cry goes up asking, "Why? Why?! How could anyone do such a thing? What kind of a person would do this? Why?!" And the question is always repeated everywhere in the media, too,

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City of Vancouver CCTV Policy Documents

For interested researchers, here is the City of Vancouver's Privacy Impact Assessment for its Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance camera systems, written in 2009. And here's the City of Vancouver REM CCTV Policy, active as of 2012, but written in 2005. I obtained these through freedom of information requests. For more background on these documents and

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RCMP: We’ve Never Spoken about Our ALPR Program

After eleven months of asking for "all documents of all types" about their Automatic Licence Plate Recognition vehicle surveilliance program, and four months with my complaint in process with the federal Information Commissioner, this week the RCMP Access to Information and Privacy staff finally sent me documents!!! A handful of documents that is... Well, the

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Please Help Me Understand: What’s Weaver DOING!?

Climate scientist Andrew Weaver is fond of (rightly) lambasting the media for generally poor coverage of climate science. For the coverage of his most recent report about the oil sands, though, he has only himself to blame. I had to spend two hours studying and engaging in a back and forth with his co-author Neil

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