Peterborough Examiner Story — Where Rob Grew Up

Joanne Culley interviews me for the Peterborough Examiner, the newspaper that was a daily feature of my family home as a kid. Click here to read (subscriber paywall). By the way, if you were to delve into the Examiner's archives, you'd also find stories of me scoring goals in peewee hockey and of saving someone

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Peter McCully of Black Press Interviews Rob

In a special book club episode, long-time Black Press Media journalist and editor-turned-podcaster Peter McCully interviews me for the "Today in BC" podcast. After author Kate Gately, our interview begins at about 12:50 and continues for 13 minutes. Click here to listen.

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Vancouver Sun Review of Your Consent Is Not Required

"Deeply researched, lucidly written... an important contribution to public policy debate and a profoundly moving, must-read call for human dignity and humane treatment for all. Highly recommended." --Vancouver Sun Click here to read the entire review. PS I'm actually a "former" Victoria writer but, you know, headlines...  

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Jesse Mangan and Rob Wipond Talk on the Committable Podcast

Jesse Mangan digresses from his current run of discussing mental health laws state by state, and talks with me about my book Your Consent Is Not Required on his Committable podcast. Click here to listen.  

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