Speaking | Discussing | Performing

I enjoy speaking, meeting, and discussing with people in person. Indeed, a major reason that I write and publish is to build a platform that can then be used for further, more in-depth interpersonal and public discussions. If you’re interested in helping bring me to your city for a presentation or workshop, please get in touch!

Since I do not have any established organizational or institutional backing, I generally do at least require some help covering basic travel expenses. But I’m flexible to work with you on navigating needs and costs.

Below, you’ll find some samples of my public speaking.

Rob Wipond begins at minute 26:30 of MindFreedom International Judi’s Room: Viewing the Suicide Prevention Industry Through a Critical Lens (June 6, 2022) hosted by Ron Bassman with Robert Whitaker, Karin Jervert, Rob Wipond, and Keris Myrick.

Rob Wipond begins at 7:00 minutes in the Committable podcast “988“, hosted by Jesse Mangan with Aneri Pattani, Rob Wipond, and Yana Calou.

First in a series of videos by Rob Wipond about the most startling, disturbing, and shocking things learned while working on the book Your Consent Is Not Required.