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Peter McCully of Black Press Interviews Rob

In a special book club episode, long-time Black Press Media journalist and editor-turned-podcaster Peter McCully interviews me for the "Today in BC" podcast. After author Kate Gately, our interview begins at about 12:50 and continues for 13 minutes. Click here to listen.

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Jesse Mangan and Rob Wipond Talk on the Committable Podcast

Jesse Mangan digresses from his current run of discussing mental health laws state by state, and talks with me about my book Your Consent Is Not Required on his Committable podcast. Click here to listen.  

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Madness Radio Brings Rob Wipond and Will Hall Together

The one and only Madness Radio brings Rob and the inimitable psychiatric survivor and counselor Will Hall together for an epic two-hour exploration of the themes and issues in Your Consent Is Not Required. (Also a one-hour version available.) Click here to listen. From Madness Radio: Read this book! Can there ever be any justification

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CBC Radio’s Paul Karchut Interviews Rob Wipond on Daybreak Alberta

In only 13 minutes, CBC Radio's Paul Karchut and Rob cover a lot of ground on issues such as the expanding uses of psychiatric power, what qualifies as "insight," physical detention versus invasive medical interventions into the brain, and a recent precedent legal case that got the Canadian province of Alberta's mental health laws thrown

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Rob Wipond joins “Make It Plain with Rev. Mark Thompson”

Rob and Cindy Hadge, a Wildflower Alliance trainer and psychiatric survivor, join long-time political, civil rights and human rights activist and organizer Reverend Mark Thompson for a discussion about the expanding uses of mental health laws across society, what it's like to be locked up and forcibly treated in America today, and the plans in

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