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California’s “Inside the Issues” with Alex Cohen Brings Rob Aboard

Alex Cohen interviewed me for her show "Inside the Issues" about my book Your Consent Is Not Required and efforts in California to expand forced psychiatric treatment laws. Click here to watch the show, with the interview beginning at about 33:00 minutes.

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Gabe Howard of Inside Mental Health Interviews Rob

Gabe Howard interviewed me for his popular Healthline PsychCentral podcast "Inside Mental Health." Gabe identifies as bipolar, has personally experienced psychiatric detention, and has interviewed a wide array of guests over the years of his podcasts, and brought some deep and unique understandings of the issues from my book Your Consent Is Not Required. A

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Rob on Abolitionist Radio and Christian TV

Jesse Strauss interviewed me for Law & Disorder, the self-declared abolitionist California radio station KPFA, about the 988 hotline's use of call tracing to detain people in psychiatric hospitals. I also recently appeared on the Christian cable television channel Daystar in Canada, discussing my book Your Consent Is Not Required on the show TalkTruth. Diversity

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Radically Genuine Podcast – with Rob Wipond

Clinical psychologist Dr. Roger McFillin, along with Kelly Wetherhold and Sean McFillin, interview Rob Wipond about Your Consent Is Not Required on the Radically Genuine Podcast. Click here to listen to the podcast -- full transcript also available.

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