Suicide Hotlines Bill Themselves as Confidential — Even as Some Trace Your Call

Every year US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline centers covertly trace tens of thousands of confidential calls, and police come to homes, schools, and workplaces to forcibly take callers to psychiatric hospitals. Some people’s lives get upended.   Public support for the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is soaring. In 2017, the rapper Logic released a

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SAMHSA-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call-Tracing Documents and Data

Information obtained through freedom of information access about tracing of calls by US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline centers.

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Hostpapa Review (or Hostpapa’s Scam, and what you should know about all “low-cost” web hosting providers)

A review of Hostpapa and explanation of a common scam that cheap web hosting companies engage in.

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The Algorithmic Managing of ‘At-risk’ Children

Experts point to mounting evidence that scientifically dubious mental health screening programs are just one part of an international governance shift towards creating all-pervasive surveillance systems for diagnosing 'pre-crime' and managing 'at-risk' children and youth. And not only is this not helping kids, critics argue, it’s demonstrably harming them. Part two of a Mad In

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