The Algorithmic Managing of ‘At-risk’ Children

Experts point to mounting evidence that scientifically dubious mental health screening programs are just one part of an international governance shift towards creating all-pervasive surveillance systems for diagnosing 'pre-crime' and managing 'at-risk' children and youth. And not only is this not helping kids, critics argue, it’s demonstrably harming them. Part two of a Mad In

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Dangerous Linkages

The unplugging of a Saanich School District database raises serious concerns about the BC government’s secret plans for students’ personal information—and for everyone’s BC Services Card information. The BC Ministry of Education warned Saanich School District in March that it would cost the district millions of dollars to make their openStudent database properly integrated with

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BC Police Chief Association Records

It would be great for other people knowledgeable about policing in British Columbia to go through these records that I've obtained pertaining to the BC Association of Chiefs of Police and BC Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police. If you do,  please tell me what you learn. Here's the back story: Are BC Police Chiefs

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Accountability Crisis

When our governments are going rogue, who or what is going to hold them to account?   Lately I’ve been running into so much lack of legal accountability at the most fundamental operating levels of our public agencies, I don’t know where to turn to demand accountability. After investigating the BC Premier’s Office and its

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Op-ed on Halifax Election Published in The Coast

(I just published the following article in The Coast in Halifax. Can't say I'm feeling inspired by the comments below it -- and I'm trying to defend these guys' rights to fair elections becaaaaussse...?? Oh, I'm sure there's a good reason, it just slips my mind right now what it is. rw) Was Halifax' e-vote

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