Hostpapa Review (or Hostpapa’s Scam, and what you should know about all “low-cost” web hosting providers)

A review of Hostpapa and explanation of a common scam that cheap web hosting companies engage in.

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Canadian Mining Races to the Bottom

A new book provides a shocking analysis of environmental destruction and human rights abuses committed by Canadian mining companies abroad—and how we help them do it. (Originally published in Focus Magazine, February 2013.) Chandu Claver was born in the small town of Tabuk in the mountainous Cordillera region of the Philippines, near a large copper mine

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This Artist Follows the Money

Paul Grignon has struck a popular nerve with his cartoon exposé of a financial system that’s exacerbating our public debt spiral and hastening descent into environmental destruction. By now most of us have heard about at least a few of the local people who’ve “made it big” in the world of online viral videos. Victoria writer

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The Politics of Parking

We’re paying a lot for parking. An awful lot. * Years ago, I was awaiting the fate of a grant application before Victoria city council to help build a community garden. Instead, council got bogged down debating a developer’s building permit and re-zoning application. The developer wanted a reduction in the number of parking spaces

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Why We Love to Hate Ian Thow

Last year Ian Thow, vice-president of Victoria, BC’s local Berkshire Investment Group branch, skipped the country and left dozens of local creditors and investors in the lurch for tens of millions of dollars. While some had wealth to spare, it’s difficult not to feel for those who mortgaged away homes and retirement savings. However, this

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