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This Artist Follows the Money

Paul Grignon has struck a popular nerve with his cartoon exposé of a financial system that’s exacerbating our public debt spiral and hastening descent into environmental destruction. By now most of us have heard about at least a few of the local people who’ve “made it big” in the world of online viral videos. Victoria writer

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Making Our Circles Bigger

A plethora of young groups are bringing extremely diverse people together to share knowledge, ideas and perspectives. Can getting us out of our silos lead to new types of collaboration, community building and social solutions? I arrive at the Victoria Event Centre not knowing exactly what to expect at a “PechaKucha.” I leave a couple hours later having

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“They Put Me in this Dark, Little Room”

Métissage creates a stirring view of our shared oppression.   It was a very unusual way of discussing power and discrimination. And it left me thinking we should be doing it more. After lunch in a lounge for about a hundred people during the University of Victoria’s recent Diversity Conference, we prepared to hear actors

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On the Road, 2008 — A Meditation

The car’s gas gauge swings from full to empty. In a city, you can at least get a sense you’re accomplishing numerous tangible things on a tank of gas: shopping, commuting, running errands, going to the gym. On this flat interstate thruway, however, hours pass and little changes. I know from signposts I’m advancing towards

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The Virtues of Pxhsrrgoylqvazing More

I attended an utterly unhinged show recently. Two women gave an uncategorizable, incomprehensible, yet intriguingly spectacular vocal performance during Open Space’s “Voice++” festival. It was art at its purest. It has also ended up seeming as important as any political stories which I might have written about this month. DB Boyko and Christine Duncan’s “sound

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