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Freelance writing

I’m an independent investigative journalist reporting and commenting on community issues. I also write other stuff — sometimes poetic, weird, or funny,… or just weird. This is my own website, and I built and maintain it all by my (technically compromised and graphically incompetent) self, so I can literally say anything at all that I want right here!… And now I have a book!


Your Consent Is Not Required

My book, Your Consent Is Not Required: The Rise in Psychiatric Detentions, Forced Treatment, and Abusive Guardianships is now available wherever books are sold. To learn more about the book, find the “Notes and References,” read what others are saying, or submit questions, updates, or suggested corrections, please go to my main page about the book. On my News & Blog page, you can read, watch, or listen to interviews I’ve done, and stay abreast of short videos I’m releasing on key issues from the book. If you want to buy the book, I encourage you to order through your local bookstore, or ask your local library to get a copy; but if you’re in a one-click hurry, then you probably already know the fastest route is to click here now. If you liked the book and would like help to spread the word, I’m very grateful and I’ve posted some simple suggestions.


My sister took awesome landscape photographs.

My sister Karen Wipond dedicated much of her life to the Conservation Lands Program protecting high-value, sensitive habitat for fish and wildlife in British Columbia. And she was also a keen amateur landscape photographer. Her pictures explore and celebrate shapes and colours; they are poetic, and they show and create intimate relationships between natural landscapes and the people who view them. And doesn’t all writing ultimately seek to reveal the relationships between us and the world around? So I use some of my sister’s pictures to make this website look nicer. I miss her deeply, and if you’d like to see more of her photos, please visit her Flickr site.