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Who’s Deluded? Fact-checking the “ReachOut Psychosis” Show for Schools

ReachOut Psychosis is an “educational” show touring BC schools right now that traffics in a shocking abundance of misleading misinformation and blatant lies about the alleged dangers of psychotic or schizophrenic experiences and the wonders of pharmaceutical drugs.   I recently saw ReachOut Psychosis, and haven’t been able to rest until I’ve publicly commented on

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So it’s illegal surveillance, so what?

The Privacy Commissioner has ruled on licence plate tracking, but our police and government seem unwilling to obey the law. Who will hold them to account? (Originally published in Focus, January 2012.)   Upon its release in November, the BC Privacy Commissioner’s report on the Victoria Police Department’s use of automatic licence plate recognition surveillance (ALPR)

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All Cabinet Records Erased–Pardon?!

No filing system is perfect. Especially when it might reveal a huge scandal for the provincial Liberal government. * I’m hoping much of this is already ancient news to you. But based on the relatively subdued way BC’s mainstream media has been covering the story as Focus is going to print, I’m not counting on

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