SAMHSA-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call-Tracing Documents and Data

Information obtained through freedom of information access about tracing of calls by US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline centers.

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Hostpapa Review (or Hostpapa’s Scam, and what you should know about all “low-cost” web hosting providers)

A review of Hostpapa and explanation of a common scam that cheap web hosting companies engage in.

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The Launch of Inner Compass Initiative and The Withdrawal Project

I am proud to have helped develop these two websites, contributing researching, writing and editing for them. One of the most significant elements is the development of the most comprehensive, self-directed, layperson's guide to safer psychiatric drug withdrawal ever produced. I include below further details from the organization's executive director. Rob ******************** I am writing

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Who’s Deluded? Fact-checking the “ReachOut Psychosis” Show for Schools

ReachOut Psychosis is an “educational” show touring BC schools right now that traffics in a shocking abundance of misleading misinformation and blatant lies about the alleged dangers of psychotic or schizophrenic experiences and the wonders of pharmaceutical drugs.   I recently saw ReachOut Psychosis, and haven’t been able to rest until I’ve publicly commented on

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