BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Urges Govt to Declare BC Police Chief Associations to be Public Bodies

BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham wrote a letter urging the BC government to declare the two BC associations of chiefs of police to be public bodies, and make the associations subject to public freedom of information laws. I am disappointed that the letter does not do more to educate the public about the

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OIPC Launches Inquiry into Police Chief Associations

The BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is investigating the legal nature and practices of British Columbia's two police chief associations and, as part of that process, will be soliciting public input until January 17th, 2014 (revised deadline is now February 14, 2014.). Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is considering whether to recommend that the

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BC Police Chief Association Records

It would be great for other people knowledgeable about policing in British Columbia to go through these records that I've obtained pertaining to the BC Association of Chiefs of Police and BC Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police. If you do,  please tell me what you learn. Here's the back story: Are BC Police Chiefs

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