Violence and War

Let Me Tell You Why

Someone blows up a bus or a building or a bunch of people, and then everywhere, every time, a universal, almost archetypal cry goes up asking, "Why? Why?! How could anyone do such a thing? What kind of a person would do this? Why?!" And the question is always repeated everywhere in the media, too,

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The Yoga of Imprisonment

Between rocks and hard places, flexibility is desperately needed. I taught yoga at the prison for five years. If you’ve ever taken yoga, you know it’s common in the first class for instructors to ask if anyone has had any major injuries or surgeries during their lives. It’s a safety protocol, so the instructor can

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The De-indoctrination of Sgt. Nikolai Lanine

Nineteen years ago, former Soviet soldier Nikolai Lanine lost many friends in Afghanistan. Last August, he lost a relative in the Canadian army. Now, he worries that we're making the same mistakes the Soviets did, and part of the problem, he argues, is our "Sovietized" media. Nikolai Lanine didn't know Corporal Andrew Eykelenboom. Nevertheless, at

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