Reporting Flu Vaccine Science

Many news articles about a study of influenza vaccine and miscarriages raised good questions—but for questionable reasons, reports Rob Wipond. (This article appeared in The BMJ (British Medical Journal), January 5, 2018.) When reporting on medical studies, the popular press has a habit of sensationalising. So the muted response to a recent research paper

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Why Does Psychiatry So Often Get a Free Pass on Standards of Evidence?

The website specializes in publishing critiques of misleading press releases and news reports on health care and medicine. But they tend to let a lot of claims from psychiatry go largely unquestioned. Today, published my own review of one of their reviews. Why Does Psychiatry So Often Get a Free Pass on Standards

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My Scary Trip through Ukrainews, Victoria

When it comes to complex international issues, does following the news increase or diminish our understanding? I want to talk about something that’s difficult to talk about in person: Ukraine. But not the actual place or events surrounding it, which I know less than nothing about. (Emphasis on less, an issue I’ll return to shortly.)

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Breaking News on the Yellow Brick Road to Calamity

There are some compelling ideas for how to make our community more economically resilient in the face of climate change, rising fuel costs, and global financial meltdowns, but our civic leadership is so far conducting business as usual. That can put a passionately concerned local journalist in some uncomfortable positions, and raise some provocative questions

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Forget Chickens; Invest in Eggs

Our general belief that jobs are created by businesses needs a little refinement   When Mayor Dean Fortin began proposing a gradual reduction of the business tax rate in Victoria relative to the residential rate, he argued it would help protect and create jobs. In resounding endorsement, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business agreed it

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