Losing Touch with (Community) Reality

Why we can no longer really know our own community. I’d felt compelled to be present, to bear witness to this last stand. That’s why I’d attended a number of meetings alongside representatives from the Capital Regional District, municipalities of Victoria and Saanich, Camosun College, Vancouver Island Health Authority, and others helping bring together a

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Put Your Money Where Your Municipality Is

On January 31, a panel of local experts will talk about new ways to ensure your savings, RRSPs, and investment dollars help strengthen our community sustainability and resilience. We offer a preview of some of the ideas they’ll address. During her presentation at the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria’s recent annual general meeting, economic

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Breaking News on the Yellow Brick Road to Calamity

There are some compelling ideas for how to make our community more economically resilient in the face of climate change, rising fuel costs, and global financial meltdowns, but our civic leadership is so far conducting business as usual. That can put a passionately concerned local journalist in some uncomfortable positions, and raise some provocative questions

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This Artist Follows the Money

Paul Grignon has struck a popular nerve with his cartoon exposé of a financial system that’s exacerbating our public debt spiral and hastening descent into environmental destruction. By now most of us have heard about at least a few of the local people who’ve “made it big” in the world of online viral videos. Victoria writer

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A Consensus Statement on Victoria’s Economic Development Strategy

Originally posted on the communityeconomy.ca website, which has been under maintenance for some time, I repost this document here for reference purposes. It was subsequently signed by 153 other people. ********************** The City of Victoria's recently released Economic Development Strategy emphasizes a business-as-usual approach that includes building tourism, attracting outside investment and businesses, and expanding

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