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November 19, 2013
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It would be great for other people knowledgeable about policing in British Columbia to go through these records that I’ve obtained pertaining to the BC Association of Chiefs of Police and BC Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police. If you do,  please tell me what you learn.

Here’s the back story:

Are BC Police Chiefs Evading the Law?

Is the Law Catching Up to BC’s Police Chiefs?

“Curiouser and Curiouser”

Coup de Police


Here are the records finally obtained during mid-2013 which are discussed in “Coup de Police”. These are pdf files that contain hundreds of pages, so they’ll take some time to download. I suggst right-clicking on the filename and choosing “save link as” or “save file as”:

Records pertaining to the BCACP and BCAMCP from the past two years in the custody of the BC Ministry of Justice, which were generated by the BC government.

All records pertaining to the BCAMCP in the custody of the Victoria, Saanich, Central Saanich, and West Vancouver police departments.

All records pertaining to the BCACP in the custody of the Victoria, Saanich, Central Saanich, and West Vancouver police departments.


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  1. Mike

    Found your articles very informative,and well researched.I am going to post this link on the http://deanclifford.info/
    forum(s).I trust that would be okay.I am a member of that site-not admin-and would like to share your work for the benefit of like-minded,truth-seeking researchers.Dean is presently in jail in Manitoba.He has a hearing coming up on the19th of Dec.I am told CBC has approached the site admin. to do a story.This topic seems to me to be in your area of interest.Hence the comment,as well as acknowledgement of “good work”. THANKS!!!! MIKE

  2. Rob Wipond (author)

    Hi Mike, thanks for the encouragement. Sure, as long as you don’t copy the entire article, but instead use an excerpt with a link, that’s fine, thanks for asking.

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