So it’s illegal surveillance, so what?

The Privacy Commissioner has ruled on licence plate tracking, but our police and government seem unwilling to obey the law. Who will hold them to account? (Originally published in Focus, January 2012.)   Upon its release in November, the BC Privacy Commissioner’s report on the Victoria Police Department’s use of automatic licence plate recognition surveillance (ALPR)

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Lobbyist Registrar Investigating BC Police Chiefs

I recently investigated two sister groups, the BC Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police and the BC Association of Chiefs of Police. I found that both groups are playing a shellgame with the law: On the one hand, they're claiming they are "private groups" whose activities are not subject to BC's freedom of information laws

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Researchers Encouraged by BC Privacy Commissioner’s Investigation Report

For Immediate Release November 15, 2012 Researchers Encouraged by BC Privacy Commissioner’s Investigation Report The three researchers whose report prompted the BC Privacy Commissioner’s investigation into Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) are very encouraged by the findings of Elizabeth Denham's report, released today. Since 2006, the RCMP and a growing number of BC police forces

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Are BC Police Chiefs Evading the Law?

At the same time as their associations channel public resources into private political lobbying, they claim immunity from BC’s laws governing public access to their records. They’re the two most prominent and influential policing organizations in British Columbia, appearing frequently in public promoting their strong positions on criminal justice reform, use of tasers, drug laws, or

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Privacy Commissioner to Review ALPR Surveillance

I'm thrilled that the BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has decided to launch a full investigation into the use of Automatic Licence Plate Recognition by police in British Columbia. Here are links to all my published writings on the topic, plus my media release, and the OIPC's press release. Hidden Surveillance (article)

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