Coup de Police

Secret police chief association records provoke serious questions about lack of police oversight in this province. As I read through hundreds of pages of records from two BC associations of chiefs of police, I discovered that a letter I had sent to the West Vancouver Police Department Chief Constable had been turned over to all

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Accountability Crisis

When our governments are going rogue, who or what is going to hold them to account?   Lately I’ve been running into so much lack of legal accountability at the most fundamental operating levels of our public agencies, I don’t know where to turn to demand accountability. After investigating the BC Premier’s Office and its

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“Curiouser and Curiouser”

Ruling on BC Police Chiefs contradictory and confusing. (Originally published in Focus, July 2013) In May, Acting Deputy Registrar of Lobbyists Jay Fedorak issued a decision that the BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP) and Municipal Chiefs of Police (BCAMCP) do not need to register as political lobby groups under BC’s Lobbyists Registration Act.

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Is the Law Catching Up to BC’s Police Chiefs?

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Registrar of Lobbyists are hot on their association’s trail. But a former BC police chief and solicitor general doubts they’ll ever be caught. There’s one thing the police tell you never to do when they want to question you, right? Run. Running makes you look even

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RCMP agrees to stop tracking innocent drivers

Victoria Police Department (VicPD) media rep Cst. Mike Russell dismissed critics of the automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) program on CFAX in January. Russell said, “There’s conspiracy theorists out there saying we’re creating a massive surveillance database on people...” “You mean you’re not?” said fill-in host Rosa Harris-Adler, as both she and Russell chuckled. “Funny

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