“To Safeguard Against Tyranny”

Read deeper and BC Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin’s ruling in support of teachers against the provincial government is about much more than just our schools. It seems appropriate that the late-January BC Supreme Court ruling won by the BC Teachers Federation has received attention in our news media. But there’s an undercurrent that permeates

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An Overabundance of Caution

We’re worried about each other’s “mental health” a lot more than we used to be. But calling 911 for someone can be a disastrous approach, say victims of our good – or not so good – intentions. The day before, John had interred his mother’s ashes. But then came what he describes as an “unbelievable,

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Accountability Crisis

When our governments are going rogue, who or what is going to hold them to account?   Lately I’ve been running into so much lack of legal accountability at the most fundamental operating levels of our public agencies, I don’t know where to turn to demand accountability. After investigating the BC Premier’s Office and its

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“Curiouser and Curiouser”

Ruling on BC Police Chiefs contradictory and confusing. (Originally published in Focus, July 2013) In May, Acting Deputy Registrar of Lobbyists Jay Fedorak issued a decision that the BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP) and Municipal Chiefs of Police (BCAMCP) do not need to register as political lobby groups under BC’s Lobbyists Registration Act.

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Op-ed on Halifax Election Published in The Coast

(I just published the following article in The Coast in Halifax. Can't say I'm feeling inspired by the comments below it -- and I'm trying to defend these guys' rights to fair elections becaaaaussse...?? Oh, I'm sure there's a good reason, it just slips my mind right now what it is. rw) Was Halifax' e-vote

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