Elections Ontario Releases Damning Report on Internet Voting

Elections Ontario's "Alternative Voting Technologies Report" released today tries to put an optimistic face on things -- e.g. expressing hope that a unique, enforced, province-wide government-issued ID card could help solve some of the problems -- but generally they admit that online voting is too risky. A few quotes from their rundown of other jurisdictions:

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Halifax Election Security — the Story and Documents

I went on CBC radio in Halifax to discuss concerns about the security of their online election, and then was stunned to hear how an elections official went on the next day to patently dismiss all concerns. Consequently, security researcher Kevin McArthur has gone public with some of the background story, and some of the

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Elderly Woman Still Hiding from VIHA

An update on Mia following her narrow escape from involuntary electroshock therapy Eight months after an independent tribunal ordered her released from hospital, the Vancouver Island Health Authority is still pursuing a Saanich woman. Focus previously reported on 82-year-old Mia (“The Case for Electroshocking Mia,” November 2012), whom VIHA senior geriatric psychiatrist Dr Michael Cooper

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Numbers Guy Speaks Out

Former federal Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page exhorts Canadians to "wake up." Parliamentary institutions that bolster Canadian democracy “are under attack right now like I’ve never seen them before in my 35 years of public service.” The warning had a particularly sharp sting coming from recently departed federal Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page. Brought to

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Ombudsperson Pans Incapability Assessments

Even when you already know them, sometimes it’s shocking to hear facts confirmed. In February, BC Ombudsperson Kim Carter released her 186-page investigation into BC’s processes for determining people to be “incapable” of controlling their own legal or financial affairs, “No Longer Your Decision.” Focus has reported extensively on the arbitrary, draconian, often self-serving ways

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