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Are Psychiatric Medications Safe? – The FDA’s answer may surprise you.

In this interview, it becomes clear that health regulators do not have any official definitions of ‘safe enough’ or ‘too dangerous.’ You and your doctor are expected to sort that out.

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3011, 2005

Is the Rule of Law Even Necessary?

By |November 30th, 2005|

I’ve seen two types of judges while covering courts. Which one bore judgment on the recent teachers’ strike?

One judge checks her ego outside the courtroom. She puts all her energy into absorbing affidavits, thoughtfully probing lawyers and clients, meticulously weighing evidence, and rendering judgments sensitively and creatively. If challenged in her authority, she politely explains she’s only trying to help resolve the conflict.

An experienced judge of this type is impressive to witness.

The other judge’s robes are puffed up with self-importance, and his overpowering sense of moral rectitude make him curt and dismissive of complex arguments. He shows disdain for anything particularly time-consuming, and delivers decisions packaged inside paternalistic lectures and salted with insults. If challenged, he menacingly warns about

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