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Global Psychiatric War Hits Home

Originally published in Focus, June 2013. The international war raging between the titans of psychiatry and psychology may not seem like “local” news. However, tens of thousands of local Victoria citizens have been seriously injured and now desperately need caring attention. The stage was set 20 years ago, with the fourth edition of the American

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The Pharmacist of Film

Over 20 years, Bruce Saunders has built Movie Monday into one of Victoria’s most enduringly popular arts events.   The police looked uncomfortable the night they came to Movie Monday. We’d just watched Crisis Call, an absorbing, emotional documentary exploring often volatile, sometimes deadly encounters between Canadian police and people with severe mental health problems.

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Elderly Woman Still Hiding from VIHA

An update on Mia following her narrow escape from involuntary electroshock therapy Eight months after an independent tribunal ordered her released from hospital, the Vancouver Island Health Authority is still pursuing a Saanich woman. Focus previously reported on 82-year-old Mia (“The Case for Electroshocking Mia,” November 2012), whom VIHA senior geriatric psychiatrist Dr Michael Cooper

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Ombudsperson Pans Incapability Assessments

Even when you already know them, sometimes it’s shocking to hear facts confirmed. In February, BC Ombudsperson Kim Carter released her 186-page investigation into BC’s processes for determining people to be “incapable” of controlling their own legal or financial affairs, “No Longer Your Decision.” Focus has reported extensively on the arbitrary, draconian, often self-serving ways

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Forced Psychiatric Treatment and Electroshock in BC – Statistics

After a lot of effort, I've managed to get some statistics from the British Columbia Ministry of Health, and want to share them with researchers, activists and journalists. Here are the numbers of British Columbians certified (usually meaning they were incarcerated and forcibly treated with drugs or electroshock) under the Mental Health Act in BC

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