The Launch of Inner Compass Initiative and The Withdrawal Project

I am proud to have helped develop these two websites, contributing researching, writing and editing for them. One of the most significant elements is the development of the most comprehensive, self-directed, layperson's guide to safer psychiatric drug withdrawal ever produced. I include below further details from the organization's executive director. Rob ******************** I am writing

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Escape from British Columbia

Some people say that our province’s strong mental health laws save lives. A constitutional court challenge says they lead to discrimination, abuse, fear and the flight of psychiatric refugees. THE PSYCHIATRIC NURSE held out a paper cup with pills. Sarah clasped a handwritten note. Having learned not to protest loudly, the 24-year-old gave the nurse

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Who’s Deluded? Fact-checking the “ReachOut Psychosis” Show for Schools

ReachOut Psychosis is an “educational” show touring BC schools right now that traffics in a shocking abundance of misleading misinformation and blatant lies about the alleged dangers of psychotic or schizophrenic experiences and the wonders of pharmaceutical drugs.   I recently saw ReachOut Psychosis, and haven’t been able to rest until I’ve publicly commented on

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Why Does Psychiatry So Often Get a Free Pass on Standards of Evidence?

The website specializes in publishing critiques of misleading press releases and news reports on health care and medicine. But they tend to let a lot of claims from psychiatry go largely unquestioned. Today, published my own review of one of their reviews. Why Does Psychiatry So Often Get a Free Pass on Standards

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