From Despair to Action

I’ve been receiving more emails lately from people saying one of my articles made them feel despairing. One asked, “How do you keep going?” Let’s see: In recent months, I’ve written about government corruption, genocide, toxic waste, police chiefs breaking laws, forced electroshock of our elderly… All right, I get the point. As I was

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The Case for Electroshocking Mia

An elderly woman, with the support of her family, has been struggling to avoid forced psychiatric treatment at the hands of Vancouver Island Health Authority doctors. When I arrived at the prearranged location, Michelle met me at the door. “Sorry, I didn’t want to tell you on the phone,” she said. “Now we’re going to go

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Are BC Police Chiefs Evading the Law?

At the same time as their associations channel public resources into private political lobbying, they claim immunity from BC’s laws governing public access to their records. They’re the two most prominent and influential policing organizations in British Columbia, appearing frequently in public promoting their strong positions on criminal justice reform, use of tasers, drug laws, or

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Is the Gorge Actually Safe for Swimming?

Safety pronouncements for the waterway relate strictly to fecal coliform—but what about industrial chemicals? My sense of place spins like I’m in a celebratory party version of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Wow, I’m splashing in a Bermuda bay amidst California beach boys and Hawaiian dancing girls! No, my mind reminds me as I flutter about in warm

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City of Vancouver flouts its own CCTV surveillance rules

The City of Vancouver’s emergency-management department has been ignoring the city’s policies governing closed-circuit-television surveillance since those policies were created in 2005. This became clear last May after the Georgia Straight reviewed the city’s “City of Vancouver REM CCTV Policy” and submitted freedom-of-information (FOI) requests for documents wherever the policy mandated record-keeping. Subsequently, the Straight

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