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All Cabinet Records Erased–Pardon?!

No filing system is perfect. Especially when it might reveal a huge scandal for the provincial Liberal government. * I’m hoping much of this is already ancient news to you. But based on the relatively subdued way BC’s mainstream media has been covering the story as Focus is going to print, I’m not counting on

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IQ Tests to Set 2009 Tax Rates?

When pseudo-scientific nonsense starts becoming law, be very afraid. * I was supposed to find the picture that didn’t fit. Studying three men walking, I circled one with an errant blotch on one shoe. Wrong: one of the men wore a hat. In retrospect, I’d likely spotted a smudge from the school’s old carbon copier.

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When Truth is Not Politic

Victoria BC’s boondoggle of an emergency communications system exemplifies why there’s always another question as to how and why a fiasco happens. * * How did we spend $18 million on an emergency communications system that won’t work during emergencies, from which in May Victoria again threatened to withdraw? Why is there a ghastly video

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