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Can We Revitalize Public Dialogues?

It’s time to start talking about rebuilding democracy from the grassroots * I helped facilitate two public discussions recently; one delved into a global emergency, and the other a local crisis. Fascinating similarities between them hinted at ways to strengthen community dialoguing and social change. The first discussion involved a panel of three writers noted

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The Virtues of Pxhsrrgoylqvazing More

I attended an utterly unhinged show recently. Two women gave an uncategorizable, incomprehensible, yet intriguingly spectacular vocal performance during Open Space’s “Voice++” festival. It was art at its purest. It has also ended up seeming as important as any political stories which I might have written about this month. DB Boyko and Christine Duncan’s “sound

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Is That God Calling?

I think I’m on some sort of special religious phone-missionaries’ hit list. I don’t mean they want to kill me. I just think maybe they really, really want to convert me. Or else they think I’m close enough to the light to be worth some extra effort. I really don’t know. But I get many

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The World is Round (and other Mythologies of Modern Science)

A challenge to the common Humanist argument that science is not like a religion * Author's Note: This article of mine exploring the similarities between science and religion, or rather exploring the ways that science and religion are typically thought of and operate in the world, was published in 1997 in The Humanist, the magazine

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