Power and its “Way of Doing Things”

What should we do when the main legislative branch of government is routinely breaking the law? * In early February, the Victoria Times Colonist published a series of investigative articles by Louise Dickson, Lindsay Kines and Rob Shaw which upset and impressed me. But in the end, I wondered if even they really understood the

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The Problem with Thinking Charitably

Sometimes charities don’t educate us about the broader political context, and we prefer it that way. * What’s a good charity? Malalai Joya gave an interesting answer. Joya is the female politician dubiously ousted from the male-dominated Afghan Parliament in 2007. She was promoting her book, A Woman Among Warlords, last November at the University

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All Cabinet Records Erased–Pardon?!

No filing system is perfect. Especially when it might reveal a huge scandal for the provincial Liberal government. * I’m hoping much of this is already ancient news to you. But based on the relatively subdued way BC’s mainstream media has been covering the story as Focus is going to print, I’m not counting on

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Is it Time to Put the Mounties Out to Pasture?

Policing expert Paul Palango, author of a new book on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, argues we need to revamp the dysfunctional organization–or get rid of the RCMP altogether. * Over the past few years, RCMP controversies have been in the news constantly. The extent of lying revealed during the inquiry into the tasering and

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