Health Care Complainers Needed

Every time a prominent, influential person argues for more private, for-profit health care, I hear the opposite: an inspirational defence of 100% public, non-profit health care.It’s inspiring when Canadian and BC Medical Associations encourage more public-private partnerships, when corporate-backed institutes call for “more choices”, and even when our pro-privatization Premier announces a “genuine conversation” on

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An Interview with Dr. Abram Hoffer

At 88, Dr. Abram Hoffer is still dispensing wise nutritional advice and damning critiques of our health care system. On beginnings, orthomolecular medicine, psychedelic research, a revolutionary treatment for schizophrenia, and the state of present-day psychiatric care. No Canadian psychiatrist has been simultaneously more dogged by controversy and more beloved by his patients than Victoria’s

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The Real Lesson of a Teen’s Death

What killed 13-year-old Mercedes-Rae Clarke after she ingested an unknown drug she bought on the street? We won’t know until the coroner’s investigation concludes-if ever. But the day after her death in September, that didn’t stop our regional chief medical officer Dr. Richard Stanwick, Victoria police inspector Clarke Russell, and even coroner Lisa Lapointe from

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Doctor Banned in Ontario, Back at Work in Victoria

Originally published in Monday Magazine, 1998. Connected to 2008 story, "Our Government's Deliberate Helplessness". A FORMER chief of psychiatry at Eric Martin Pavilion psychiatric hospital whose licence was permanently revoked in Ontario after he was found to have drugged and repeatedly sexually assaulted a patient, is currently practising in Victoria. Dr. Frank Gordon Johnson worked

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