Seniors’ Care Homes in Need of Care

With 70% of South Island residential homes rated medium or high risk, will the Ombudsperson’s report, new regulations from government, and more frequent inspections be enough to prevent the deepening crisis in seniors’ care? * Released a week before Christmas, the BC Ombudsperson’s first of two reports on the care of seniors made a brief

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Surviving the Borg

More stories pour in about the crisis in our residential care homes. No article I’ve written for Focus has provoked so many impassioned calls, emails, posts to my website, and interceptions in the street than my feature about long term care of the elderly (“Who has the Right to Control Your Life?”, January). Many relatives

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Disaster for Sale, 15% Reduced!

I was contemplating how to stay healthy while preventing environmental catastrophe, as I’m wont to do these days. The bus to the ferry stopped next to a billboard. It was a bad omen, fitting for the times. Nestle, the world’s largest bottled water seller (owning Perrier, S. Pelligrino, Vittel etc) wanted me to know about

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