Kathleen’s Demise: a cautionary tale

There’s much to learn about BC’s laws and eldercare system from the last years of Kathleen Palamarek’s life in a local nursing home—especially from the battles that were fought in her name between her children, care providers and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.   It was a small but important epitaph for a much-loved woman.

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Crisis Behind Closed Doors

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request shows nearly half of all seniors in long-term care in BC are being given antipsychotics like Risperdal, Zyprexa and Seroquel. That’s almost twice the average for the rest of Canada and amongst the highest rates found anywhere in the world. And even though Health Canada warns these

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Can Wi-Fi Harm Kids?

Hearings on Wi-Fi in classrooms reveal large differences in the level of trust of information about health impacts. It’s not often CBC radio host Gregor Craigie’s soothing voice puts someone on the defensive. But Craigie said he’d heard from many people complaining about the Greater Victoria School District’s (GVSD) decision to appease protesters by holding

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Better Care Homes, or Better Euthanasia?

Parliamentary committee members witness a dramatic confrontation over elder care. Local MP Denise Savoie invited two representatives from the federal Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care to hear Vancouver and Victoria speakers in November. Developing recommendations on elder care, assisted suicide and abuse, the committee’s half-day session before 40 people at James Bay New

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The Health Care “Crisis” Con

While journalists help the Liberals drum up hysteria, health spending has actually remained relatively stable for decades. * It was one of those articles that makes me think, "Wow, I've been so stupid." I love reading those. We've all heard alarms about health care gobbling 40% of BC's provincial budget. Our Liberal government asserts that,

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