Why We Love to Hate Ian Thow

Last year Ian Thow, vice-president of Victoria, BC’s local Berkshire Investment Group branch, skipped the country and left dozens of local creditors and investors in the lurch for tens of millions of dollars. While some had wealth to spare, it’s difficult not to feel for those who mortgaged away homes and retirement savings. However, this

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This is Ramona; Her Identity Has Just Been Stolen

* ID theft is growing. But who are the real criminals–petty thieves or large corporations? Like millions of others, Ramona found out the hard way. * Don’t email banking information to Nigerians promising you $10 million in lottery winnings. Don’t give your credit card numbers to strangers on the phone. Shred documents before recycling. As

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Panhandling, Misguided Moralizing and the Bank of Canada

On a downtown streetcorner, a piercing voice disrupted my chat with friends. Across the road, a thin, unkempt woman berated a cabbie for refusing her a free ride, and demanded money from people. We quietly condemned the woman's rude aggressiveness. But as the taxi departed, we stared aghast as the woman collapsed to the concrete,

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