Time for Bigger Decisions

Did the bailout just squander our best chance for social change? * I was calling local brokerage and investment firms, asking how the market crashes and bailouts were affecting these companies’ local clients. I started feeling naïve. Did I really think anyone would answer? Did I expect Victoria’s Investors Group or some self-employed broker to

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Our Government’s Deliberate Helplessness

The Victoria Times-Colonist ran articles last fall about delinquent doctors remaining licensed to practice. Evidently, doctors’ secretive, self-funded, self-regulating disciplinary and licensing body, the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, is more interested in protecting doctors than in protecting the public. Under questioning, provincial government representatives pleaded helplessness; they had no authority over the college.

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Dangerous Powers Drive the Dollar

I handed the cashier a bill that said ‘50,000’ on it. She laughed. “That’s not enough!” I handed her one that said ‘5’. “Oh God, I can’t change that for you,” she moaned. “Haven’t you got anything smaller?” I held out my billfold and she took what she liked. This was Brazil, 1990. The value

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A Victoria Made in China

China has become a major local issue. This hit me when shopping for running shoes. I checked store after store, brand after brand, model after model. In stores with dozens of types, I typically found-maybe-one model made outside China. It’s enlightening the responses you’ll get when you politely request a product that was not manufactured

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The Telus Commitment to Disservice

It’s petty. It’s a story of my own battle over a little thing with a 10 billion dollar corporation, filled with inane digressions and ridiculous amounts of wasted time. Yet I want to scream about it. And I’m starting to realize it’s emblematic of an emerging trend. It began last April, when I moved in

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