A Revolution You Can Eat At

Your backyard provides hope for the future. We’re pretty conspicuous when we pull up in a little silver hatchback covered with children’s paintings of carrots, flowers, and slogans like “be cool, grow veggies,” sporting a roof rack piled with enough hay bales to practically tip us over. Nevertheless, it’s hard for me to shake the

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Captains of Local Government Plotting New Course?

A recent conference of municipal planners and politicians in Victoria revealed a suprising undercurrent of sustainability radicalism     Fifteen minutes in, the discussion on “Engaging Your Community in Sustainability Initiatives” turned unexpectedly—and suddenly, everyone became much more engaged. The Capital Regional District, currently trying to engage politicians and the public in its own Regional

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Forget Chickens; Invest in Eggs

Our general belief that jobs are created by businesses needs a little refinement   When Mayor Dean Fortin began proposing a gradual reduction of the business tax rate in Victoria relative to the residential rate, he argued it would help protect and create jobs. In resounding endorsement, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business agreed it

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The Health Care “Crisis” Con

While journalists help the Liberals drum up hysteria, health spending has actually remained relatively stable for decades. * It was one of those articles that makes me think, "Wow, I've been so stupid." I love reading those. We've all heard alarms about health care gobbling 40% of BC's provincial budget. Our Liberal government asserts that,

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Sorry, Computers are Not “Green”

Is the world becoming greener, or are some of us just becoming more prone to seeing it that way? * You’ve heard of “green-washing”, where companies make their products sound more ecologically friendly than they are. Well, I keep seeing something more insidious: green-tinted glasses. Green-washing is propaganda; it’s easy to spot and dispel. Like

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