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The Virtues of Pxhsrrgoylqvazing More

I attended an utterly unhinged show recently. Two women gave an uncategorizable, incomprehensible, yet intriguingly spectacular vocal performance during Open Space’s “Voice++” festival.

It was art at its purest. It has also ended up seeming as important as any political stories which I might have written about this month.

DB Boyko and Christine Duncan’s “sound poetry” couldn’t have been called singing, theatre, nor poetry cantation. Yet it was these and more. It was wild oral dance. At times they sounded like engines coughing, children taunting, tender chicks chirping, brutal beasts battling to death. They conjured images of primitives banging rocks, natives chanting around campfires, and futuristic technofiles mechanically melting down. Meanwhile, their improvised streams of guttural grunts and ethereal notes, constricted breaths and open discharges wove in and out of sync and contrast with each other, and together the women concocted a mad, unstructured musical story of energy embracing energy. Continue reading “The Virtues of Pxhsrrgoylqvazing More” »