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Our Mental Health System Needs More Honesty, Respect

When it comes to solving the problems in our mental health system, too many people are losing touch with reality. And I’m not referring to the patients.Consider­ the recommendations from the recent coroner’s inquest into the police shooting of Saanich’s Majencio Camaso. The jury suggested police should obtain more training in handling unstable people, and

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When Our Politicians Disdain Us

I felt like Winston Smith when I found what I was seeking in the newspaper archives. I hung on like to a ring buoy holding me above a tidal wave of lies. And I swore that this election, I would support truth. In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, Smith unearths a tattered article that survived the

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Panhandling, Misguided Moralizing and the Bank of Canada

On a downtown streetcorner, a piercing voice disrupted my chat with friends. Across the road, a thin, unkempt woman berated a cabbie for refusing her a free ride, and demanded money from people. We quietly condemned the woman's rude aggressiveness. But as the taxi departed, we stared aghast as the woman collapsed to the concrete,

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