Health Care Complainers Needed

Every time a prominent, influential person argues for more private, for-profit health care, I hear the opposite: an inspirational defence of 100% public, non-profit health care.It’s inspiring when Canadian and BC Medical Associations encourage more public-private partnerships, when corporate-backed institutes call for “more choices”, and even when our pro-privatization Premier announces a “genuine conversation” on

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Remember: History Proves Everything

Nellie McClung caused World War Two. Yes, the McClung after whom Victoria’s Cedar Hill library is reverently named. Lest we forget. Maybe that’s not obvious. Let me back up, and talk first about nature, history and proof. People often use nature to prove points. Whatever their points are. Is cut-throat competition “natural”? Show fish eating

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Misquoting the Way to War

News stories with conflict generally stir more interest than those without. That’s why top news stories are wars, murders, scandals, intense disagreements and the like. One problem with this is that news professionals emphasize, accentuate, exaggerate and even sometimes deliberately aggravate differences and conflicts to make their stories more gripping. In the end, we may

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When Money-making Meets News-making

The hushed firing and re-instatement of Victoria Times-Colonist columnist Vivian Smith was, in some ways, just juicy gossip to media insiders. But its significance echoes through every news story. As reported blow-by-blow in 24 Hours journalist Sean Holman’s blog “Public Eye”, Smith penned a column criticizing the high cost of many local Victoria, BC tourist

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Is That God Calling?

I think I’m on some sort of special religious phone-missionaries’ hit list. I don’t mean they want to kill me. I just think maybe they really, really want to convert me. Or else they think I’m close enough to the light to be worth some extra effort. I really don’t know. But I get many

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