New Me: Climate Change Denier

We shouldn’t worry about climate change. Climate scientists taught me that. Them, and the ugly freight train I suddenly see barrelling down on me. I first glimpsed it in December. I felt a Zeitgeist shift, like the continent-wide peace of Christmas Eve, except hellish, with wacky weather headlining everywhere. Then, energy company CEOs called for

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Bumpkins Dismiss Conspiracy Theories

Beware the spoon-feeders of anti-conspiracy pap. You know who I mean. Like several local Victoria writers who suggested that if you suspect corporations may influence U.S. policy in Iraq, Princess Diana’s accident was not accidental, or certain leaders may have been complicit in 9/11, then you “forgot [your] medication” and evidently need far-fetched conspiracy theories

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Mind Struggles Between Psychiatrists and Psychiatrized

I'm having an email discussion here, which some might find interesting, with Patricia Lefave, a writer, social-psychological theorist and psych-survivor. The discussion revolves around an essay Lefave wrote about the self-justifying, tautological mental operations in many psychiatrists doing diagnoses, and some questions I posed to her about often seeing similar psychological blinders in some repeat

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Eli Lilly Internal Documents – Re ZyprexaKills.tar.gz

In the course of research for articles in Adbusters and Focus magazines, I found these documents. They are internal memos, emails and studies from Eli Lilly and Company, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. There are a lot of relatively uninteresting pages mixed into this large file (269 MB), but overall some of the

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The De-indoctrination of Sgt. Nikolai Lanine

Nineteen years ago, former Soviet soldier Nikolai Lanine lost many friends in Afghanistan. Last August, he lost a relative in the Canadian army. Now, he worries that we're making the same mistakes the Soviets did, and part of the problem, he argues, is our "Sovietized" media. Nikolai Lanine didn't know Corporal Andrew Eykelenboom. Nevertheless, at

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