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A plethora of young groups are bringing extremely diverse people together to share knowledge, ideas and perspectives. Can getting us out of our silos lead to new types of collaboration, community building and social solutions?

I arrive at the Victoria Event Centre not knowing exactly what to expect at a “PechaKucha.” I leave a couple hours later having had a great time—but still not knowing exactly what I’ve experienced. However, I’m becoming increasingly sure it’s part of a growing local and international social movement of immense vitality, astonishing creative breadth, and intriguing political possibilities.

PechaKucha nights, I’ve discovered, are just one of a growing number of unusual ways that diverse Victorians are being brought together to share ideas and explore collaborative possibilities through relaxed, open processes. Some are even trying to generate new approaches to tackling serious social problems.

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  1. Christopher March 4, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    The circles of What’s Gone Well Today ARE getting bigger.
    Here’s a recent comment from our monthly Collaborative Board
    ‘ For me a Collaborative Board is a group of highly motivated individuals, with integrity, that have come together to meet like-minded business people, to find out how we can be better in business.’

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