Presto God!

January 5, 2008
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Rob Wipond

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  1. herman

    You have been watching toooo much Russell Brown.
    It would be funnier if it were not so close to the truth.

    Oh, wait that’s what they call satire?

    You sound a little bit like a Sceptical Humanist.
    Better be a compliment since it describes me.

    Glad you Focus articles are here in one place, as it now allows me to recycle the old magazines. Also I can now cut and paste to quote anything I may disagree with. Hey, it does happen…on rare occasions.

  2. Rob Wipond

    Not sure if it’s satire… or realism about a self-satirizing culture…

    Who’s Russell Brown?

    Actually, when I talk to humanists, I tend to speak more highly of religions. Humanism becomes too darn much like fundamentalist scientism sometimes, don’t you find?…

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